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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Rank: Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)
Current Assignment: Assistant Science Officer, USS Eagle NCC 2185
Full Name: Laleia-Lii
Nickname: "La" ((Story where she gets her nickname. ))
Date of Birth: 21??
Place of Birth: Moebius

Race: Moebian
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single
Hair Color: Plum
Eye Color: Green
Height: 4 feet 5 inches
Weight: 90 lb.
Telepathy: Moderate
Health: Excellent

Education: Moebius and Starfleet
Languages: Moebian and Federation Standard

Starfleet Career Summary:

2285-2289 --Assigned to Star Fleet Academy.

2293 -- Assigned to USS Eagle NCC 2185 as Chief Medical Officer.

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