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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE -- Rank Firstname Middlename Lastname

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Rank: ??? (???ABBRV)

Current Assignment: ????, USS Eagle NCC 2185

Full Name:


Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Parents: Dr

Next of Kin:



Marital Status:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:





Service Awards:

Starfleet Career Summary:

2285-2289 -- Attended Starfleet Academy, majoring ??????


DATE -- Assigned to USS Enterprise, NCC-1701A for sensor package upgrade

2291 -- Promoted to LTjg. Assigned to USS Algonquin, NX 61932 as Assistant  Engineering Officer.

          -- Reported killed-in-action, when a previously unknown spatial anomaly destroyed the transport shuttle
          he was taking to his new duty station.

          -- Posthumously awarded medals for courage and self-sacrifice for actions taken to save several
          members of the shuttle crew. Awards were presented to his maternal grandmother, Dr. Woo

          -- Resumed active service following his rescue by a newly discovered species, the Wahnharae. The
          Wahnharae discovered him in a healing trace.

          -- Initiated first contact protocols during his recovery with Wahnharae

2292 -- Returned to Federation Space. Assigned to light duties with the Starfleet Intelligence Temporal Anomalies Division while still recovering
          from extensive injuries. Authored several papers on temporal mechanics,  subspace distortions and spatial anomalies.

2293 -- Medically cleared to full duty status. Assigned to USS Eagle, NCC 2185, as Assistant Engineering Officer,  Starfleet Intelligence Liaison
          Officer, and Temporal Anomalies Specialist.



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