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 Stargate RPG
"The Unapproachable One"


Stargate RPG : Stargate Omoa Located at: Stargate RPG Omoa

(This is a Stargate Role Playing Game and Stargate Sim)


You sit in your quarters playing the message over and over again. Some how you have to figure out how to get a base on a world belonging to an important sector of space. Another Stargate was found and activated but the inhabitants were not welcoming. You play the message again, hoping for some insight.

"How did you find us? We have gone to great lengths to hide from the universe. We thought we would be safe when we went to what you call the planet Earth, on the continent of Americas," a deep angry voice boomed.

"We were safe for a time but not for long. Our hardwork and prosperity were the envy of others, lesser and lazier peoples.

Many have looked for us, our treasure and secrets. Stories from olden Tau'ri have a name for where we lived. Some of the native Tau'ri people we lived among called our home on Earth, "Manoa". Others called it by its more proper name, "Omoa".

The Western Tau'ri tribes, however, called our home, "El Dorado", the place of gold and opportunity. They sent many to find and take our gold, treasure, home and peoples. And so we moved back to the stars, taking everything and everyone with us and leaving no trace, just what was to be called legend and myth.

Come through the Star Gate no more. Bother us no more. We want no part of you from the Western Tau'ri tribes. We care not for your petty wars with yourselves and other races. We see through the lies of being allies.

We remain neutral and will fight for our right to be so.

Be gone! We warn you."


Join Stargate Omoa! Try to make contact with the Unapproachable One and establish relations and a base.

What role will you play?

Do you have what it takes to get the job done?

If so, contact us today!!!Human kind is counting on you.


Yahoo Group Address: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/stargateomoa

To join email: stargateomoa@yahoo.com


Contact stargateomoa@yahoo.com for more details.


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