Alamo Station

One Maquis outpost escaped the Dominion invasion. Now they exist independent of the Federation as port of call for Klingons, Romulans and Ferengi, etc. It's a dangerous place. You never now what might happen.

Come Join the Maquis last stand at Alamo Station!

Name of Sim: Alamo Station
Captain: Captain Akira Tadamichi
Executive Officer: To be announced
Type of Ship: Constitution Class (Stolen from Starfleet Museum Yards dubbed USS Davy Crockett)
Type of Sim: Maquis, Heavy roleplaying/some action intense plotlines
Time Period: Just after Voyager returns to Earth
Location of Sim: Badlands (AOL Chatroom)
Time of Sim: 10:00 PM EST
Day of Sim: Sundays
Contact Persons: Please Please send a courtesy copy to

Ever vigilant. Ever Vengeful.

H E   M A Q U I S  !  


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